Friday, August 18, 2017

Year 7, Day 230: Luke 21

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As I look at Luke 21, I am drawn to the theme of relying upon God.  Certainly, this is a theme that runs throughout the entire length of the Bible.  It is absolutely a theme that runs through the life of Jesus.

We see this first and foremost in the teaching of the woman who gives at the temple.  What is it about this woman that is praised?  The woman is praised because she gave out of her poverty, not out of her abundance.  Her is a woman who gives knowing that she is giving out of her ability to live.  She’s giving away money that she really needs for food, clothing, and other necessity.  She’s giving away because she knows that God can provide for her.  Her is a woman who is living a life that relies upon God.

Another place that we see this in in Jesus’ warnings about the future.  He tells the disciples that there will be wars and rumors of wars.  There will be earthquakes and other natural disasters.  There will be persecution.  We are not to be led astray.  We are not to listen to the panic of the people as they fret about what is going on.  We are to rely upon God.

Furthermore, I am challenged by Jesus when He says that we aren’t to meditate upon what we are going to say.  For an introvert who thinks deeply about everything that they do, this is an incredible challenge.  I like to think and plan and rehearse.  I like to organize and order and process.  But I need to realize that when I do these things, I am also susceptible to thinking and planning God right out of my life.  There has to be an openness to the moment and the movement of the Spirit.  There has to be a time when I step back and am led not by my planning and organization but by the hand of God.  It’s not a bad idea to plan and think and process; it’s a bad idea when our plans ignore God and His voice.