Saturday, June 9, 2018

Year 8, Day 160: Mark 13

Theological Commentary: Click Here

Mark 13 is largely an ominous chapter sparked by a simple question.  The disciples want to know when the end will be.  In that simple question we learn so much.

The first thing that we know about Jesus is that He doesn’t know the answer to the question.  Jesus specifically says that only the Father knows the time.  Some hear this and cannot wonder if this doesn’t mean that Jesus isn’t God because He doesn’t know.  Honestly, I think this tells us far more than that.  It shows us that Jesus was content letting some things be in the hands of the Father.  Jesus didn’t have to control everything and have all of His questions answered.  The Father was in control, and that is good enough.

How many of us could benefit from taking a hint from Jesus on that point?  How many of us want to control everything?  How many times have we said that when we die the first thing we do when we get to heaven is going to be to ask the Father to explain something?  Are we as content in our own lack of understanding as Jesus was willing to give some things to the Father?

The second thing that we understand is that Jesus is concerned.  He is concerned that we will be led astray.  He is concerned that we’ll go chasing after people and things that claim to be Him. He wants us to live in such a way that we finish the race before us well and finish still in relationship with the Father!  Jesus is concerned because He cares and because He knows us.

A third thing that we can learn is that Jesus does not waste time.  He takes advantage of this opportunity to teach the disciples.  They ask a very scary question and He gives them an even scarier answer.  He doesn’t feel the need to sugar coat the answer, nor does He say that we aren’t capable of understanding.  Jesus doesn’t hide the truth from His disciples.  Jesus answers the question in such a way as to convey the seriousness of the topic at hand.

The last thing that we can learn is that Jesus understands the moment.  He knows that the religious leaders are coming after Him.  He knows that His time is short and the cross is just around the corner.  He knows that the arrest is imminent and very soon He won’t be around to answer any more questions.  In this fact, Jesus tells His disciples to be on alert and not to be led astray.  Jesus gets what is coming and He uses His context to motivate Him into glory.  The moment doesn’t force Jesus’ hand, Jesus is master over the moment.