Sunday, June 10, 2018

Year 8, Day 161: Mark 14

Theological Commentary: Click Here

Today we start the serious climb to the apex of the Gospel of Mark.  Jesus is arrested; His trial begins.  The true character of Jesus comes out stronger than ever in the midst of His last few hours before the crucifixion.

What do we learn of Jesus?  First, Jesus marches on with unwavering focus.  Jesus has come to fulfill the work of the Father.  In spite of perpetually marching towards the cross, in spite of constantly angering the religious leaders with truth, in spite of knowing that every moment of teaching that goes by is one less moment He’ll have with His disciples, Jesus marches on with the plan.  He follows the will of the Lord without pause.

Second, we can see that Jesus continues to not be bothered by the humanity of His disciples.  Peter denies Jesus.  Judas takes money to lead the religious leaders and the Roman guards to him.  Several of His disciples argue over the money that could have been gained by selling oil used to anoint Jesus.  The whole lot of disciples are unable to focus and pray when Jesus Himself requests it.  Peter refuses to be humble and accept that he could possible do something wrong and then turns around and does exactly what he claimed he could never do by denying his association with Christ.  In the midst of this, Peter draws a sword and inserts violence into Jesus’ arrest by cutting off an ear from a servant f the high priest.  In the moment of high tension – when Jesus’ disciples could have proven their steadfast loyalty to Jesus – the disciples go all to pieces instead.  But Jesus doesn’t seem to care.  In fact, Jesus continues to invite them into the story.  He continues to want relationship with them.  Jesus accepts the humanity of those around Him and welcomes them, mistakes and all.

Third, we continue to see Jesus’ unwavering responsibility to the truth.  Jesus does not try to get out of the grasp of the religious leaders.  Instead, Jesus walks into their grasp willingly.  He does so in order to have an opportunity to proclaim truth.  He does this to show the feebleness of humanity.  He does this so that He has an opportunity to finally declare His identity to the religious leaders and bring about His own rejection at their hands.  Jesus is loyal to God’s truth above all else.  When push comes to shove, it is truth that Jesus cares about, not His own safety or popularity.