Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Year 6, Day 263: Zechariah 4

Theological Commentary: Click Here

Discipleship Focus: Competency

  • Competency: Being able to accomplish what one is called to do.

If you are coming here to understand this chapter, I’d like to refer you to the theological commentary that I wrote three years ago.  This is a very confusing chapter.  I’ll leave that work to what I wrote before.

For today, I want to be inspired by the confusing nature of this chapter.  We are supposed to be confused.  Zechariah was supposed to be confused.  Notice that he is confused!  What’s more important is that God doesn’t mind that he is confused.

Look forward in time a little.  Do people understand what God is doing in Jesus?  Do Jesus’ own disciples understand what Jesus is doing?  Even in the midst of the crucifixion, do Jesus’ disciples understand what is going on?  Even when Jesus is raised from the dead, do they really get it?  Of course not!  The disciples only get it when it is all said and done and Jesus comes to them and explains it all to them.

Now we turn back to Zechariah. Zechariah’s competency is not found in his ability to know what God is doing.  Zechariah’s competency is found in his willingness to ask and confess that he doesn’t know.  Zechariah’s competency is found in his humbleness, which allows him to be curious and find his answer.  If you want a great image of competency, it is this prophet who finds understanding by acknowledging that he doesn’t know the mind of God.