Thursday, September 22, 2016

Year 6, Day 265: Zechariah 6

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Discipleship Focus: King

  • King: This is the pinnacle of the Kingdom Triangle.  When we look towards God’s position in the universe, we acknowledge that He is an omnipotent king.  Authority comes from Him.  Power comes through His authority.  He is looking for representatives for His kingdom.

I think that this chapter is one of my all-time favorite chapters when it comes to seeing the prophetic wisdom of God.  This chapter shows His true dominance over truth and His ability to layer meaning upon meaning in His Word.  In short, it truly goes far to show us that He really is king.

As we look at the last section in this chapter, we hear that God’s servant will rebuild the temple and sit as king and priest over His people.  We hear that such a person will be called God’s Branch.  More importantly, we hear that this person will be Joshua.

Of course, we do know that Joshua was the priest serving under the reconstruction effort of Zerubbabel.  Joshua would have made a natural spiritual leader of the people.  In the context of Zechariah, this is a very true and appropriate interpretation.

However, we now know even more that there was a servant to come who would serve spiritually as both king and priest.  We know this person to be Jesus.  However, this isn’t just a spiritual analogy.  Quite literally, we know that Jesus is the Anglicization of the Greek word Iesous.  Iesous is the Greek version of the Aramaic name Yeshua, which is the name that Jesus would have heard when he was alive and living in Judea and Galilee.  Yeshua is the Aramaic version of the Hebrew name Joshua.  Quite literally, Jesus is the Joshua who will be both king and priest over His spiritual people.

It is chapters like this that brings light to God’s power.  Not only can God do amazing things like create worlds out of nothing and bring out the plagues of Egypt.  He can do the seemingly unthinkable and make a scripture truthfully proclaimed about a different context several hundred years prior to be even more true about His own Son.  This is a different kind of power.  This is a power that is far more subtle and wonderful.  This is a God who isn’t just king of creation, He is king of logic and reason and understanding.