Sunday, September 25, 2016

Year 6, Day 268: Zechariah 9

Theological Commentary: Click Here

Discipleship Focus: King

  • King: This is the pinnacle of the Kingdom Triangle.  When we look towards God’s position in the universe, we acknowledge that He is an omnipotent king.  Authority comes from Him.  Power comes through His authority.  He is looking for representatives for His kingdom.

This chapter starts with judgment.  God promises judgment to those nations around the Promised Land, nations that took advantage of His people when He was bringing judgment upon them.  What does this tell us?  When we see people who are down, our first instinct shouldn’t be to kick them while their down.  The King of the universe doesn’t appreciate people who take advantage of others.  This message truly intertwines with what we heard yesterday.

From this section, we hear a natural transition to God being king.  We hear that God will cut of the enemies of His people.  He will rule over them.  He will remember His covenant.  Unlike us, the king can be trusted.

This leads us back to the people of God.  The Lord will save them.  He will redeem them.  He will send a spiritual leader among them – a leader that we see in Jesus, who ultimately fulfills this section of scripture.