Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Year 6, Day 264: Zechariah 5

Theological Commentary: Click Here

Discipleship Focus: Appetite

  • Appetite: We all have needs that need to be filled.  When we allow ourselves to be filled with the people and things that God brings into our life, we will be satisfied because our In will be in proper focus.  But when we try to fill ourselves with our own desires we end up frustrated by an insatiable hunger.

In Zechariah 5, we have two very unusual symbols.  I’d recommend looking back at my theological commentary from three years ago to get a firm understanding of each vision.  As we saw yesterday, Zechariah is a good bit clueless about each vision until it is explained to him.  We shouldn’t feel too badly about needing each vision explained to us, either.

As we look at the meaning of these visions, though, there is something that jumps out.  Human beings have a sinful appetite.  It doesn’t really matter the sin.  We can always find human beings who are willing to sin in a particular manner.

If we look at the scroll, we notice that there is a distinct connection to people who steal and lie.  Honestly, how many of us have never told a lie?  If we are honest about it, how many of us have never wished we had something that someone else had, either?  The reality is that our appetite for sin is deep within each of us.

Furthermore, when we look at the second vision we can notice even more about God’s witness to our sinfulness.  God claims that wickedness is in an ephah, which is the largest of the Hebrew measures.  Not only do human beings have sinfulness within, we have an incredible amount of sin within.

Zechariah has to be told God’s point, but once told it is really clear.  We have a tremendous appetite for sinning.  We think of ourselves.  We make decisions about what we want and what is best for us.  We say things that aren’t true to protect ourselves.  We do indeed have an appetite for sinning.