Friday, December 22, 2017

Year 7, Day 356: 1 Kings 15

Theological Commentary: Click Here

As we read through the history of the kings, there are a few trends that will appear.  First of all, notice that the kings of Israel have an irrepressible string of evil.  Every single king who comes to the throne does evil in the sight of the Lord. They are focused on themselves and doing what is right in their own eyes.  When leaders come into power because of their own ambition, it isn’t likely that they are going to put on an amazing display of humbleness.  Humbleness doesn’t come from self-centered beginnings.

On the other hand, another trend that we’ll see is that the kings from the line of David will ebb and flow with respect to their faithfulness.  In the kingdom of Judah, the kings rise to power from their heritage.  They won’t squabble of the throne, they will inherit it.  This doesn’t naturally make them any better.  After all, we’ll see more bad kings than we do good kings.

Yet, we will see good kings.  We will see that some of the kings in the Davidic line do pursue the ways of the Lord.  They aren’t going to be perfect, but there will be glimmers of hope.  There will be kings who pursue God’s ways and try to invite their constituents to do the same.

When we put this altogether, we do come up with a picture of hope with respect to leadership.  In the case of leaders who claw and scrap to get into leadership, we have little hope of humble leadership.  However, in cases where leadership is bestowed rather than sought, we do see that the occasional leader will have what it takes to be godly.  In fact, notice that among the kings of Judah that quite often a good king will follow an incredibly evil king!  There is always reason to hope that leadership will humble themselves before God and submit to His ways.