Saturday, December 23, 2017

Year 7, Day 357: 1 Kings 16

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For today’s blog, I’m going to use the procession of kings to look at a more obscure topic.  To begin, though, understand that we area talking about several kings of Israel – the northern kingdom.  Some reign a long time, some reign a short time.  The point is that all of these kings are kings of Israel.

We also see proof of what I indicated yesterday.  These kings all do evil.  Every single one of them.  None of the kings of Israel walk in the ways of the Lord.

Let’s blend these two concepts together.  Every single one of these kings is evil.  Yet, they all rule for different length – everything from a few days to several decades!

Why is this important?  Human beings have a tendency to believe that the fact that a leader continues to be in leadership as proof of their righteousness!  Another way of considering this concept is that we assume that God disposes of the unrighteous leaders while prospering the righteous ones.

That line of thinking is simply bogus.  All of these kings are evil.  Some of them reign for decades!  A person’s time in leadership is not proof of God’s acceptance or approval of them.

To bring this into the New Testament, remember what happened to the vast majority of the early followers of Christ.  Most of them were martyred.  Those who weren’t were especially persecuted.  Certainly, God loved those early followers, yet they were usually martyred well before their due time to die of a more natural timing!

We need to learn this lesson well.  Evil prospers in this world.  While God dos cause those He loves to prosper, His blessing falls upon the good and the evil!