Saturday, February 3, 2018

Year 8, Day 34: Romans 11

Theological Commentary: Click Here

In Romans 11, we have two main thoughts.  First, we hear a warning much akin to what I have been saying in the past few blog posts.  We who are in Christ have no right to look down in judgment upon others.  We are not God’s people because of our greatness or even our works.  We are grafted in to God’s family because God supports us and brings us in.

Second, we hear a discussion on if God failed His people.  After all, if they rejected God, yet God desires to save them, isn’t that saying that God wasn’t successful?

That’s really an important question.  It really boils down to the proverbial discussion on free will.  God desires all of us to be saved, but He does not force it.  If God forced it, then our love would be meaningless.  What’s the point of love if the person who gives the love has no option other than giving love?  Without free will, our worship and love of God is greatly tarnished.

That being said, in order for us to have free will, God must put aside His desire for all of us to be saved and allow us to accept His offer or reject it.  The fact that some people reject God isn’t evidence of His failure at all!  It is evidence of His love and His desire to be loved.