Thursday, February 15, 2018

Year 8, Day 46: Ezra 8

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Do you know what faith is?  Faith is gathering a great treasure and walking into a wilderness without any kind of guard.  That’s what we see here.  Ezra and his volunteer followers gather the precious metals that they need for worship in the temple and then they walk straight into a wilderness.  They don’t bring a military escort.  They don’t bring protection.  It is by the hand of God that they get through the journey safely.

I’m impressed by this show of faith.  In those days, the wildernesses were not safe places.  The roads were watched by bandits.  Rebel insurgent armies moved through the land on the run from one form of authority or another.  Poor townsmen from local towns would seek any opportunity to plunder or swindle and passing opportunity.  Into these conditions, volunteer priests head off with a great mass of wealth.

The neat thing about this story is that the mission succeeds.  Their faith does not return to them empty.  Their faith returns to them fulfilled.  These people are protected by the hand of God.  When we humble ourselves before God and become obedient to Him, He will protect us in our endeavors.