Monday, February 19, 2018

Year 8, Day 50: Nehemiah 2 & 3

Theological Commentary: Click Here

In Nehemiah 2 we hear about Nehemiah’s journey to the wall in order to help.  It starts with Nehemiah being humble in the presence of the king.  Instead of going in and demanding assistance, Nehemiah takes the place of a servant and simply allows his trouble to become visible on his face.  The king notices his trouble and inquires about it.  In that act, Nehemiah has gained both opportunity and a sympathetic audience.

We need to understand why this tactic works, though.  Nehemiah is not a manipulative man.  He has not gone in and deceived his king into caring.  Rather, Nehemiah has been humble and genuine in years of service.  Because of his humble and genuine lifestyle, the king has gotten to know Nehemiah.  The king has learned to care enough about Nehemiah to know when he is upset.  It isn’t Nehemiah’s craftiness that makes this story happen, it is his genuinely humble servant nature that allows Nehemiah to be in the position that he finds himself.

This pattern of behavior continues when Nehemiah finds himself inspecting the wall.  When he arrives, he doesn’t do so with fanfare and bold declarations of what is going to change.  Instead, he simply goes out at night, looks at what is happening, looks at what needs to be done, and then sets forth in making preparations.  He then goes the next day and talks to the leaders about what he discovers.  A plan is set up and the repairs begin.  The people are willing to follow a humble leader.

One more comment should be made prior to signing off for the day. Notice how thoroughly the work is spread out among the people.  Families take on parts of the tasks.  Towns take on other parts.  Groups of priests even get together to work.  The work is embraced by a variety of all people.  Many people are willing to get behind the manner in which God works through Nehemiah.