Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Year 8, Day 52: Nehemiah 5

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Today we see how Nehemiah handles internal issues.  Many of the poor common Hebrew people come to him with complaints.  They don’t have enough food.  They are having to ask the wealthy for money and are being charged interest.  They are having to sell their land – their inheritance – in order to get money.  They are even having to sell their own family in order to buy food.  Because of the interest, it is even harder to get back out of debt once they are in it.

We see Nehemiah deal with this threat, too.  Nehemiah could tell the poor that this is just how the world works and that they need to accept it.  However, in this case Nehemiah understands that there is an error happening. God’s people should not take advantage of one another!  We should not be caring more about the things of this world than we do about the people of this world!

Therefore, Nehemiah goes to the leaders and tells them that they are misbehaving.  Nehemiah stands up for what is right.  He doesn’t take the popular route, he takes the righteous route.  That’s what leadership does.

The people listen and follow.  They recognize Nehemiah’s wisdom and his solid footing according to God’s ways.  They back down and make restoration.  This time, the people are willing to give up their worldly gain to do the right thing. 

It doesn’t always happen this way, but one thing is for sure.  If nobody stands up for righteousness, people will think of themselves more often than not.  Leadership must be willing to stand up for what is right or nobody will.