Monday, February 12, 2018

Year 8, Day 43: Ezra 5

Theological Commentary: Click Here

In Ezra 5 we see the defense of the Hebrew people.  This should really be kept as simple as possible.  Up until now, we’ve had a simple he-said-she said argument.  It’s the word of the Hebrew people versus the word of the native people in the land.

I respect what the Hebrew people do here.  It would have been easy to start accusing the opposition.  It would have been easy to try and smear the reputation of the native people.  However, the Hebrew leaders don’t do this.  Instead, they simply stand upon the truth.  Cyrus gave them an edict to rebuild.

The Hebrew people don’t overextend.  They don’t take advantage.  They don’t try to play favorites.  What the Hebrew try to do is simply ask for the same thing that their opponents do.  They simply ask for a search of the records to be made in order that their case should be proven.

This is a great example for us to live by.  How often do we try to win by demeaning the opponent?  How often do we seek to gain esteem not by rising above but by tearing down?  We should seek truth and seek to live by it.  That way, when we are questioned we can appeal to the truth and stand firm.