Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Year 8, Day 44: Ezra 6

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In Ezra 6 we get to see the results of the Hebrew appeal.  A decree is issued.  A search for the command of Cyrus is found. The Persian king is interested in doing the right thing, not just the popular thing.

Something cool happens in this passage.  Not only is the decree from Cyrus found, but the powers that be find out that they are supposed to be supporting the effort!  Cyrus made it clear that the Hebrew people are supposed to have their efforts paid out of the royal treasuries!  The work is not supposed to stop.  As a result of the Hebrew appeal, it is discovered that their work was being under-supported, not just allowed.

Perhaps even more importantly, Cyrus declares that the regional governors, the ones who are likely to cause trouble, are told to stay away from the area.  Cyrus knew that they would cause trouble, so he gave them a direct order that they have chosen to disobey.  The people who would come to cause trouble are put in their place.

The greatest thing about this whole story is the role of truth.  It isn’t the charisma of the Hebrew people that win the day.  It isn’t the ability of the Hebrew people to slander their opponents that wins the day.  It isn’t their personal relationship with the Persian king that wins.  What wins the day is truth.