Saturday, March 3, 2018

Year 8, Day 62: Esther 2

Theological Commentary: Click Here

Esther 2 is about Esther’s rise to power.  At least on the surface, that’s what this story seems to be about.  The king finally gets over his wrath against Vashti and he sets out to select a new king.  Esther pleases him and a crown is set upon her head.  She is made queen.

If that is our focus, however, we come to a poor conclusion.  If our focus is on Esther being made queen, then what we realize is that this chapter is about the beauty of women and how women should be evaluated based on their beauty.  After all, why is Esther made queen?  She is made queen because her beauty pleases the king.  If we are focused on Esther’s rise to power, this chapter gives us a shallow message in the end.

What this chapter is ultimately about is God’s plan to save His people.  If this becomes our focus, we realize that Esther is made queen because God plans to use her in that position.  We know that God’s overarching plan is to use Esther to save His own people.  But there is a more imminent task that needs to be accomplished first.  God uses Esther to save the king’s life as there is a plot against him.

In fact, when we expand our focus to God’s overarching plan and not just Esther becoming queen, we realize that Esther is just a part of God’s plan.  God’s plan starts with Mordecai.  Mordecai tells Esther about the plot against him.  Esther is in the position to tell the king.  The king is saved because God wanted to make a point to him. The king is saved because God wants the king to see His hand at work.  Esther and Mordecai are pieces in God’s overarching plot.

For me, this is a phenomenal point to realize.  God is about His business.  God is about His overarching greater plan for humanity.  My life is best lived when I am focused on playing a part in His plan and not wondering how God can play His part in my plan.  Life and identity are best found in the greater lens of God’s work.