Sunday, March 25, 2018

Year 8, Day 84: 1 Corinthians 16

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In this chapter we finalize Paul’s letter.  He mentions that the Corinthians should be diligent in saving up a little money so that when he comes he doesn’t have to make a collection for the orphans and widows in Jerusalem.  We know that this was a personal ministry of Paul, done in hopes to endear the Gentile Christians to the Jewish Christians in Jerusalem.

Paul then mentions that he wants to stay with them when he comes.  He is planning on an extended stay.  I think there is as much threat as promise in this.  Paul wants to come and stay with them so that he can renew his acquaintance with them, naturally.  He has some friends there.  It will be a friendly visit.

However, I’m sure that he wants to stay a while so that he can do some extended teaching.  It’s one thing to write a letter, it’s another thing entirely to teach in person.  He wants to make sure that he has the time to speak freely and clearly on the topics covered here in the letter.

Additionally, I am sure that Paul wants to spend some time so that he can investigate other areas of concern.  With a quick visit, issues can be buried or swept under the rug.  In an extended visit, things will begin to surface.  Paul wants to make sure that the community is living as they should be.  After all, that is the gist of this letter.