Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Year 8, Day 79: 1 Corinthians 11

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As I read through this passage, I am always drawn to the second half and drawn away from the first half.  Today is no different.  I’ve been focusing so much on divisions and unity that my eye seems to naturally go to the second half.

In this passage, we hear Paul mention that the Corinthians are even making a debacle of the Lord’s Supper.  Some people are coming and getting drunk.  Other people are being neglected.  I think we have two problems here – drunkenness and a lack of hospitality – wrapped underneath the umbrella of God’s grace.

First of all, let’s take drunkenness.  Here is a reason for offense.  Some people are coming to get communion and all that they see is the wine.  They drink not out of celebration for God’s love, but in order to have the alcohol work its magic.  Rather than think about what their actions are doing to the community, they are enforcing their desire for alcohol upon the community.  The will of the individual is causing division because it is being asserted over the good of the community.

Then we have the issue of people being neglected.  There are some who are simply not able to come to communion because others are consuming it all!  This is an utter lack of hospitality.  Once more we see that the gluttony of some is causing division.  The will of the individual for utter consumption is being asserted over the good of the community in the sharing of resources.  Gluttony, the consumption of one above what is necessary or even customary, causes division in the body of Christ.

The sad part is that all of these things exist under the greater umbrella of Christ and His love for us.  Communion is first and foremost a celebration of the sacrificial nature of Christ!  I find it truly sad that even an act of sacrifice can become a cause for the sin of greed within the individual to rise up and destroy community.