Monday, March 19, 2018

Year 8, Day 78: 1 Corinthians 10

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Having looked at the chapter from yesterday, we come today to Paul’s clarification.  If we take yesterday’s reading alone, it could easily lead us to think that we can do anything we are able to justify so long as we don’t do it in the presence of people that it offends.  There is truth in that.  So long as our actions are not truly rooted in sin, then we are correct.  God created this world.  That which is not sinful is a part of God’s creation.

Here we find the counterbalance to the easily overstated freedom of the last chapter.  We must be in Christ.  I don’t have the freedom to do anything I want, I have the freedom to do anything that is in God and therefore not rooted in sin.

To put it another way, my perspective should be on bringing glory to God.  Actions that bring myself or the people around me into a closer relationship with God or a greater understanding of His being are awesome!  We have the freedom to do anything that brings people closer to God.  What we need to do, though, is recognize that because of differences in people that there may be those who are offended by our methods.  Therefore, we have an obligation to not offend others by our methods of helping people draw closer to God.

For me, that is one of the core ethics of life.  God has made me to be a certain way.  Sin has corrupted His creation, allowing me to do things that don’t please God.  I first need to chase away sin and its control as I seek God’s ways and His love.  As I do that, I should be careful to not offend others who are also pursuing God.