Friday, March 30, 2018

Year 8, Day 89: 2 Corinthians 6

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Paul speaks to the Corinthians about being a temple to God.  We are to have fellowship with God, He is to dwell in us.  He will live among us.  He will walk among us.  He will be a Father to us.  We will be His sons and daughters.

What does this mean for us?  We are to live like we believe it to be true!  We are to live apart from the ways of the world.  We are to live in manners which are clean to the Lord.

What does this really mean?  How does this look in practice?  Paul actually gives us many explanations in his writing.  One such explanation comes in the first half of this chapter.  When we adapt the ways of the Lord and live by them, we are a display of purity.  We live with greater knowledge.  We can show greater love.  We can stand in truth.  We embody the power of God.

That’s not all that this means, and especially on Good Friday we can be moved by the other side of life with God.  When we live apart from the ways of the world we will know the world’s rejection.  Many in the world will afflict us.  They will persecute us on account of our faith.  We may experience physical hardship.  We may even be imprisoned or killed for our truth and love.  We may experience hunger as we live a life of generosity instead of greed.

There is nothing more satisfying than life with God.  God bring hope to a broken world. He gives life when the world would strive to take it away.  He makes love possible when we should instead feel hatred.  He grants peace when anxiety could take over.  That is an incredible gift to give to the world.  But it does come with a price.  Jesus know this cost.  Jesus was crucified so that He could bring peace and love.  It is that same sacrificial love that drives Paul to care about the Corinthians.  It is that sacrificial love that should drive us each and every day.