Friday, March 9, 2018

Year 8, Day 68: Esther 8

Theological Commentary: Click Here

Today we begin to wrap up this story.  Haman is dead.  King Xerxes gives Haman’s estate to Esther to manage.  Mordecai is promoted into the service of the king.  A story that started in grave danger has been reworked and retold so that it is a victory story.

However, there is still work to be done.  An edict from the king cannot be rescinded.  King Xerxes has given permission to anyone who wants to rise up against the Jews to do so.  Esther once more risks her livelihood and goes before the king.  She seeks an audience so that a new edict would be written.

The king has grace.  He extends the scepter once more to Esther.  He grants Esther her request, and even allows Mordecai to draft the request in his name.  The request is sealed.  The Jews now have the ability to assembly and defend themselves.

In the end, what I am left with in this chapter is simply the providence of God.  God knew Haman’s heart from the very beginning.  God was bothered by the fact that the story looked bleak for His people.  God knew he would take Haman’s pride and turn it around into glory for His people.  God’s providence is such that in seven short chapters – through two bold acts of Esther – the story is completely changed.  The Jews are praised.  God is sovereign.  A tragedy has been averted and changed into a divine comedy.