Saturday, April 14, 2018

Year 8, Day 104: Job 10

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I can truly identify with chapters like this one.  Job has his foot in the righteous camp; he also has his foot in the short-sighted human camp.  He is a typical representative of humanity.

When I say that he has his foot in the righteous camp, I am speaking about the verses where he asks God why God is contending with him.  We know that Job is righteous.  We know that this calamity is not upon Job because of some great sinfulness within Job.  It’s natural for Job to question why he seems to have come under divine scrutiny.

It’s also righteous for Job to remember that it is God who created him.  God is the one who made bone and wrapped it in sinew.  He is the source of life and love.  It is good for Job to remember these things in the midst of his turmoil.

That being said, we can learn from Job’s humanity as well.  Job seems to be impatient and short-sighted.  After all, Job is not being accused by God.  Job is being accused by Satan.  God is capable of delivering Job and He will deliver him.  We need to learn to be patient in our suffering.  Suffering is never fun, but when we have faith and remember the salvation of God, we can endure it.

This is one of the big recurring themes in the book of Job, and it is a theme that I think gives the book of Job its unique place in God’s Word.  Suffering is not meant to be enjoyed, but it is meant to be endured through faith.  Suffering is a time when our faith is tested.  Suffering is a time when our character shines through the brightest.  It’s hard to get it completely right as a human being, as we see here in Job.  When we do get it right, though, suffering gives us one of the greatest testimonies of character that we can ever expect to bear.