Sunday, April 29, 2018

Year 8, Day 119: Job 25

Theological Commentary: Click Here

Bildad speaks.  If I may say so with a snarky tone to my voice, it is blessedly short, too!  I love that this chapter is only a handful of verses.  It can help us realize that pontificating isn’t always necessary, and listening is always more important!

Much of what Bildad says has worth.  God does judge us.  God does have an immeasurable force.  God’s light does shine everywhere.  How can we even come close to comparing to God?  Bildad is wise to recognize our limitations.

That being said, Bildad is shortsighted.  We cannot be righteous on our own merit.  However, because God’s power is limitless, He can make us righteous!  We can stand righteous in His presence because of who He is, not because of who we are.  That’s a very important dynamic to remember.

It is often easy to focus on our humanity.  We can spend too much time seeing the sinfulness around us.  Even in those moments where we do focus on the sinfulness around us, we should be mindful of God’s ability to change us and make us righteous.  We should never lose sight of hope, especially in those moments when we are looking into the depth of human depravity.