Friday, April 20, 2018

Year 8, Day 110: Job 16

Theological Commentary: Click Here

In this chapter we find Job once more running low on vision.  I’m going to try to not be too hard on him because he has endured great suffering.  However, there is something we can learn from him so long as we look at him as a case study and not make it personal.

Today as I was going about my day I was allowed the privilege of listening to another teacher do a devotion with a couple of students.  I am blessed with this opportunity quite regularly.  Today, I heard the teacher quote a phrase from a book: “Grace is found at the intersection of clarity of sight and hope for the future.”  This quote stuck with me, especially since I have a love of mathematics.  When I hear the word intersection, I think of a graph or chart.

I am pretty sure that this quote speaks to Job’s state of mind today.  Job is lacking hope for the future.  He’s suffering and doesn’t know how to make it better.  He’s pleaded with God.  He’s prayed.  He tried to make a defense.  His condition remains unchanged.  He has no hope for a great life in the future.

While this lack of hope is devastating enough, I think Job also has a lack of clarity.  His circumstances are preventing him from seeing what God is really doing.  He doesn’t see the restoration God is planning. He doesn’t see the truth that God is trying to teach.  He doesn’t see much at all.

What is the summary of this state?  Because of Job’s hopeless state, he doesn’t see much reason to go forward.  That is why Job longs for death from God.  Because of Job’s lack of clarity in vision, he isn’t very receptive to anything but his current frame of refence.  He’s not in a place to learn.  He’s not in a place to receive.  He’s in a place to focus on his current circumstances and dwell in the misery of his being.

That being said, I can’t really blame Job.  Clinically, I can point to where he is going wrong.  Rationally, I can know what he needs to do to get out of his funk.  Pastorally, I can understand where he is coming from and why he is feeling as he is.  I can empathize with the man.