Sunday, April 22, 2018

Year 8, Day 112: Job 18

Theological Commentary: Click Here

Bildad makes me mad.  Look at where Job had brought himself in the last chapter.  Job has managed to remember the path to hope.  He has managed to remember to focus back upon God.  He has remembered how to turn his eyes back upon God.

Enter Bildad.  Rather than rejoice with Job and his ability to turn to God, Bildad begins to tell Job how evil he is because he is suffering.  Rather than celebrate Job’s ability to maintain his relationship with God in spite of his troubles, Bildad accuses him of being wrong.  With friends like Bildad, Job certainly doesn’t need enemies!

There is a great lesson here.  Bildad isn’t about leading people to God, Bildad is about being right.  That’s an incredible distinction to learn to make when evaluating spiritual people.  What is the motivation for their teaching?  Are they open to God and allowing God to reach people in His way or do they force people to always see things their own way?  Spiritual people should be about being God’s hands and feet and letting God be the master.

This is also a good lesson to learn when mentoring.  When someone draws closer to God, we should celebrate it!  It isn’t about whether or not I had a hand in the person growing closer to God, it is all about the person growing closer to God in the first place.  That’s the key.