Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Year 8, Day 93: 2 Corinthians 11

Theological Commentary: Click Here

1 Corinthians is an incredibly inspirational chapter.  It doesn’t start out that way, but it ends well.  It begins with Paul talking about other people and his ministry.  I don’t want to get dragged into that for too long, but I do want to show why it is that Paul isn’t getting along with them.  It isn’t that Paul wants their loyalty.  It isn’t that Paul wants their praise or their fandom.  Paul believes that the people who have come among them are teaching them a different Gospel.

Paul doesn’t go into details here, but we know from elsewhere in the letters that the Corinthians were being misled by thinking that they had to become Jewish in order t be truly saved by Christ.  They were being confused by people teaching them that if they weren’t circumcised or if they didn’t keep the kosher laws then they weren’t really saved.  This is what has Paul upset!  This is why he calls them false apostles.  Jesus saves.  We are saved because of Christ and only because of Christ.  Anything I do is a response to God’s salvation, not because I am earning salvation.

Moving beyond that point, look to the end of this passage to where Paul boasts.  Most people boast in their accomplishments, their education, their wealth, their social status, their kids, or their job.  What is it that Paul boasts in?  Paul reminds the Corinthians about all the places that God has been there for him.  Paul talks about the turmoil and the trials.  Paul does this so that he can focus upon God!

This is a very inspirational point.  When I brag about myself in any of the ways that I lifted up above, I’m pointing the attention to me.  But when I talk about the trouble and the turmoil, I have a great opportunity to point the focus upon God, who was there for me at ever turn. For Paul, greatness is in God and it is found when His hand is at work.