Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Year 8, Day 107: Job 13

Theological Commentary: Click Here

Job takes on two main arguments in this chapter.  First, Job continues to take on Zophar.  Then, Job decides to speak towards God again.

When Job takes on Zophr, he has one main point. Job tells Zophar that if he is going to sit in the place of God and speak for God, then he had better be right and know what he is talking about.  Job warns Zophar that if he speaks for God, then he needs to watch out for God when God comes calling to correct the wrongs that Zophar says!

I think that this is phenomenal advice.  Who among us can truly speak for God?  We can speak God’s Word.  We can know God’s truth.  But one thing I’ve learned throughout the years that there is more wisdom in speaking God’s Word and allowing people to come to their own conclusions than there is in fist-pounding and demanding that I am right!  It is better to present God’s truth and give room for the Spirit to work than to take the place of the Spirit!

The second thing that Job does is to speak to God.  While Job does step on some precarious ground and get awful close to error, I think he’s still okay in what he says.  His main case is legitimate.  Job desires simply to make his case before God.  He simply wants to know what he’s done.

In the end, I think this is okay.  Yes, we are all human.  Yes, we all have sin.  Yes, none of us can claim to be perfect in the presence of God.  Certainly, God has a case against all of us.  However, it’s not wrong to know our crime, either.  It’s definitely not wrong to be in communication and relationship about our error.  I think that’s the feeling that Job is tapping in during the second half of this chapter.