Monday, January 1, 2018

Year 8, Day 1: 2 Kings 3

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There are some days when God’s ability amazes me. It isn’t like God is doing anything that I think He can’t do.  It is more like I am simply amazed as His ability to tie things together in surprisingly ways.

For example, take the demonstration of water.  As these kings march out to do battle, they come across a place that has no water.  This might not seem like a big deal, but if you are managing an army of tens of thousands of people, having no water is a very big deal.  With no water, the soldiers will lose morale as well as combat strength.  It’s a set-up for disaster.

God uses this circumstance as an opportunity to show His power.  God sends Elisha to these kings and tells them that the place will spring forth with water as a sign of His provision.  It does.  Water abounds.  Imagine the surge in morale from the troops as the word spreads that this was at the hand of God!  This seems very rational and straightforward.

Then, God does the really thing.  Here’s the part where God connects two completely different ends to the story.  The king of Moab draws near for battle.  He sees that the water that God brought has turned red.  The king of Moab assumes that it is blood from these kings beating up on each other.  The king of Moab joins the battle, not realizing the trap to which he has just committed himself!

That’s really cool how God can have the creativity to use the water as a sign to the people of Judah and at the same time use it as a means of judgment against Moab.  Again, it isn’t like either of these things are beyond God’s power.  What amazes me is His creativity and foresight in His use of power.  That is one of my favorite aspects of God.