Monday, January 22, 2018

Year 8, Day 22: 2 Kings 24

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In 2 Kings 24 we finally see the long-promised downfall of Judah.  I don’t say that with anticipation.  In truth, I say it with sadness.  The kingdom that God establishes through David lasts a bit more than four hundred years.  Most of those years were lived in rebellion against God.  Knowing that only more rebellion is to come, God sends Nebuchadnezzar to finish the task.

What I find interesting is how Judah becomes captive to Babylon.  It comes bit by bit.  Judah is slowly dismantled through its desire to buy off the Babylonian invasion.  Judah voluntarily becomes a vassal to Babylon, slowly selling off its national treasures to alleviate the threat.  Before too long, the wealth and splendor of Judah is transferred to Babylon without much fighting.  Only a small siege is necessary to defeat God’s people.  Most of the pride of Judah goes willingly, no resistance necessary.

This really is tragic.  It teaches us a lesson that our pride and our self-centeredness is really blinding.  We’ve watched the people of Judah chase after their own desires, chase after other gods, and chase after the things of this world that are not sustaining.  They never saw the end truly coming.  When it came, they didn’t have the strength of character to recognize the danger.  If we are as blind, we are equally as susceptible.