Thursday, January 11, 2018

Year 8, Day 11: 2 Kings 13

Theological Commentary: Click Here

2 Kings 13 feels like much the same.  A few kings in Israel die.  A few kings in Israel replace them.  The new kings aren’t any better than the old kings.  The new kings continue in the sins of the old kings and they continue to walk further and further away from God.

What’s neat about this chapter is what we can learn about God.  In spite of the rebellion and in spite of the poor political leadership, God is still merciful.  God delivers the from Syria.  God has every right to abandon them and hold them accountable for their rebellion.  Instead, God gives them yet more time to repent and come back to Him.

God is insanely patient, far more patient than we deserve.  He is forgiving when He doesn’t need to be.  He is gracious when we are undeserving.  It is in His nature to continue to give chance after chance in the hopes that we will repent and return.  He simply wants relationship with us.