Saturday, January 13, 2018

Year 8, Day 13: 2 Kings 15

Theological Commentary: Click Here

2 Kings 15 is more of the same.  We have a pair of kings of Judah who do what is right in the sight of the Lord, even if they do let the high places of Ba’al worship remain.  We have more kings in Israel who do not do what is right in the sight of the Lord.  We have leadership changes in Judah passed on by generation in the line of David.  We have leadership changes passed on by treachery and scheming in Israel.  Not much changes.

We do, however, see the end on the horizon for Israel.  Tiglath-pileser comes onto the scene for Assyria and starts making demands.  He starts by conquering a large chunk of Israel and drags the people in the land he captures back to Assyria.  The Hebrew people start to become enslaved in captivity.  We shouldn’t be surprised by this at all.  None of the kings of Israel have tried to uphold God and His ways.  God has given them time to repent and they haven’t.  Judgment comes.

Even in the midst of judgment, though, I think that it is very interesting to look at the human interaction.  When Pekahiah cannot prevent portions of Israel from being carved up by Tiglath-pileser, his captain conspires against him to take over power.  Even in the midst of its decline, people gather like vultures to take their share of what’s left.  Pekahiah is assassinated and Pekah steps up to don the mantle of king over Israel.

There is another thought that I get out of this.  Not only will people grab at any power – even power of a downward spiraling organization – people will also believe what they want reality to be instead of what actual reality is.  The kingdom of Israel is doomed.  It is to be judged.  It is in selfish rebellion against God.  Nobody seems to step up and acknowledge this.  People grab at power and think that they can hold back the tide of God’s judgment.  Pekah thinks that he can do more against Assyria than Pekahiah could do.  He believes in his own version of reality instead of God’s version of true reality.