Friday, January 5, 2018

Year 8, Day 5: 2 Kings 7

Theological Commentary: Click Here

2 Kings 7 is a miraculously humble chapter to study.  It is miraculous because we see human beings doing things for no rational explanation other than the power of God.  It is humbling because we must be honest about the source of the power and the logical conclusion that we must reach.

First, let’s deal with the miraculous nature of the chapter.  The Syrians had come to surround the capital of Israel and started a siege.  The siege had gone on for so long that food and water was extraordinarily scarce within the town.  However, Elisha tells the king that in a single day the siege will be lifted and there will be an abundance of food.  While the captain of the guard scoffs, it happens!  Even thought there is no physical reason for it to happen, the Syrians run away.  They even cast off some of their more cumbersome goods to help them get away more quickly.  Those goods are taken by the starving Israelites and the city is saved.  For no reason, the besieging Syrians turn tail and run!  That, quite frankly, is a miracle.

Now, it is time to talk about the humbling aspect.  The Bible tells us while the Syrians run.  They hear the sounds of an amassing army in the middle of the night.  They think that the Israelites have paid an army to rescue them.  Not wanting to be caught between two forces – the Israelites and their allies – they run away.  Why is this humbling?  There is no second army!  God allows those Syrians to hear His army, a heavenly host, far greater than any earthly army could ever be.  God saves the Israelites all on His own.  He doesn’t need to work through anyone to save the people of Israel.  He saves them under His own power.

This shows us that God doesn’t need us.  God can do what He desires all on His own.  The real humbling part of all of this is that God chooses to use us.  He wants to work through us and with us.  He wants to include us in His ways.  He doesn’t need to; He wants to!  That is the power of this chapter.  God can and will save us on His own.  God then invites us to participate in what He is doing in the world around us.