Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Year 8, Day 24: Romans 1

Theological Commentary: Click Here

Roman 1 is such a great introductory chapter to faith.  In it, Paul gives us a great perspective on faith.  First, it is wisdom that comes from God.  Genuine relationship begins with Him and it is rooted in His Word.  Then, it spreads outward to others.  We encourage and edify one another with the faith that comes from God.  We teach one another and build one another up with our shared faith.  This is what faith looks like.

Having said that, Paul also gives us a perspective of what faith doesn’t look like.  God allows us to chase after the desires of our own heart as well.  He allows us to walk away from Him if we so choose.  He allows us to exchange truth for a lie and to pursue that instead.

This brings us to what I think is another great moment in this chapter.  Paul looks forward to come to the Jews and the Gentiles.  He wants to preach to anyone who will listen.  Relationship with God is based upon His righteousness, not upon our worthiness!  There are Jews who are faithful; there are Jews who walk away from God.  There are Gentiles who are faithful; there are Gentiles who walk away from God.  Relationship with God is for all people, anyone who wants it.  We are fortunate to have it!