Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Year 8, Day 23: 2 Kings 25

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In this chapter we bring the plight of the kings of Judah to an end.  It’s a whimper of a story.  Siege is laid to Jerusalem.  The people are starving.  The king makes a move to run away, but he is caught.  As punishment, the king’s sons are killed in his presence.  All in all, it’s a pretty bad chapter in the history of Judah.

As I read through this, I couldn’t help notice something mentions as Babylon takes over the city.  The temple is stripped of its valuables and then burned.  I truly find this fascinating.

Sometimes we as human beings wonder why God allows some things to happen.  I’m not arguing that God makes some things happen; I’m arguing that God stands by and allows things to happen.  I honestly think that the reason we find ourselves in such turmoil is because we don’t have the perspective of God.

It’s easy from a human perspective to think that God would be upset about some of the things we care about.  For example, the temple.  Couldn’t God have worked within Nebuchadnezzar to have His temple spared?  He’s God, of course He could!  But He doesn’t.  He doesn’t flinch when His temple is stripped and burned.  After all, what is a temple made of earthly things to God?  In fact, if you remember, it was David’s idea to build the temple, not God’s idea!  God was happy dwelling in the tabernacle that He had ordered constructed.

I think this chapter can teach us much about perspective.  God’s people go captive.  God’s temple is destroyed.  Yet God continues to still be God.  Nothing substantial has really changed.