Sunday, January 28, 2018

Year 8, Day 28: Romans 5

Theological Commentary: Click Here

I think that there are at least two main points in this chapter, and with Paul I am betting that there are far more than 2!  Paul speaks to us about the nature of God and our relationship with Him.  He also speaks about the means through which God works.

Let’s talk about God and our relationship with Him.  I love how Paul phrases his case.  While we were enemies, God reached out and offered salvation to us.  God loves us even when we are His enemies.  Therefore, if we find ourselves wrapped up in His salvation, then how much more we shall know His love!  For me, this is an amazing reality.  God loves His enemies enough to extend salvation to them.  How much He must love us, especially when we receive His grace.

The second major theme in this chapter is the way that God works.  I have met many people who ask, “How can Jesus’ death on the cross mean anything to me?”  Another way of asking this is how God can take away my sin through the death of someone who lived two thousand years prior.

This chapter speaks to that question.  This chapter gives us insight to the greater picture.  Sin entered the world in the Garden of Eden, when one man and one woman violate what God created in perfection.  The result of that action, though, is that sin and death became a reality for them and for all of us who followed.  That sets up a pattern.  One great act can affect the person and those who come after them!  In the same way, Jesus’ death can affect us, too!  Just as sin stained us, Jesus’ death can remove that stain.  This chapter speaks to the grand movements of God’s hand over all of His creation.