Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Year 8, Day 121: Job 27

Theological Commentary: Click Here

In today’s chapter, we get a mixed bag when it comes to Job and his expression of faith.  At the beginning, Job seems a little accusatory of God.  Has God taken away his right?  If God really to blame for the bitterness of Job’s soul?  Is Job perfect?  Is Job even righteous apart from God?  Job gets on a pretty high horse in these verses.

On the other hand, Job refuses to abandon God.  While he may feel like God has been unfair, Job isn’t looking to leave God.  He is still faithful.  He still wants to be counted by God.

This leads to an interesting perspective the rest of the chapter.  Job stays with God in spite of his feelings of unfairness.  So where is it that the wicked turn? Where is it that the godless turn?

Who hears the cry of the godless?  In what great omnipotent power do the godless hope?  What is the thing in which the godless take delight, and how long does it last?

I know there are many things to which people do turn.  There are many things in which we place our hope and our joy.  As for me, I am glad my hope and my joy is in the Lord.  It may not always lead to the easiest life.  It may not always lead to the simplest of life.  But it certainly does lead to an eternal life.  It leads to a belief and a hope that no person can take away.  It leads to a hope that endures rather than fades.