Sunday, May 27, 2018

Year 8, Day 147: Ephesians 6

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In the last chapter, we spoke about how we should live.  However, living a life of righteousness is hard work.  As Paul said yesterday, we live in a dark and evil world.  There is constant temptation to sin.  There are always opportunities to turn from righteousness and slip into selfishness, greed, lust, and other passions that dwell within.  We need help to navigate the evil in the world and within ourselves.

To this end, Paul gives us a great passage about where we can find the strength to live righteously.  Our belt, that which binds the armor together, is truth.  Our breastplate, that which protects our most vital areas, is righteousness.  Our shoes, which protect our ability to move and bring God’s Word to other places, is peace.  Our shield, which is our mobile defense against attack from any angle, is faith.  Our helmet, which protects our brain and decision making abilities, is the Word of God.  Our sword, which is both a parrying weapon and our means of attack, is also the Word of God.

Note, however, the arrangement of the source of our strength.  All but one of the pieces is a defensive piece of equipment.  The armor of God is first-and-foremost for our protection, not for assault and attack!  This should make sense.  God does not need us to fight His battles for Him.  He does invite us into His work, but He does not need us to assault His enemies.  God will do that Himself.  God will assault the strongholds of evil.  We merely need to stay strong, prepared to act in righteousness when God calls upon us.  Defense is primary to our role in God’s kingdom.