Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Year 8, Day 150: Mark 3

Theological Commentary: Click Here

As we move into Mark 3, we get a taste of the first few themes blending together.  In the first story, we see the religious leaders immediately going out to seek a way to ill Jesus.  They know when Jesus is doing.  He’s not living up to expectations and He is winning the eye of the crowd.  They need to do something about Jesus, and they need to do it sooner rather than later.  As people immediately start to follow Jesus, the religious leaders need to act immediately to maintain the status quo.

We can continue to talk about people who don’t react well to Jesus’ ministry because of expectations.  There are two stories in this chapter that speak about Jesus and His relationship with His family.  First, notice that Jesus’ family comes to take Him away from public ministry.  They think Him mad.  They think that He is going out of His mind.  Their expectations for Jesus, expectations no doubt based in their own understanding of what a poor Jewish boy from Galilee should be doing, simply don’t match what Jesus is actually doing.  They think Jesus has begun to go crazy! 

At the end of the story, they come again for Jesus.  Jesus’ response is very telling.  When people tell Jesus that His mother and brothers have come for Him, Jesus reverses the expectations back onto them.  Jesus says that His true mother and brothers are those who have listened to Him and are responding.  Jesus makes it perfectly clear that His expectations are God’s expectations and anyone who doesn’t match – including family – isn’t really family.

On that note, we turn to the disciples.  These are people who have followed, they have listened, and they have begun to imitate Jesus.  They are people with whom Jesus shares His power.  He invites them to go out into the world with power and authority.  When we go forth embracing God’s expectations for our life, He equips us and empowers us to be a part of His will!