Thursday, May 17, 2018

Year 8, Day 137: Galatians 1

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As Paul writes this letter to the Galatians, we are reminded of several crucial truths.  First, and most importantly, there is no other gospel.  The gospel that we have received is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Salvation comes through Him.  God sent His Son to make a way back to relationship with Him because there is no other way.  We can’t do it ourselves.  There is but one way to the Father.  That way is through the Son.

We also learn a few other truths.  Human beings like to turn to other truths.  We want to turn to a gospel that is easier to follow.  We want to preach a works-based salvation because it gives us permission to judge.  We want to preach a universal salvation because it gives us permission to sin freely and follow the lusts of our hearts.  We want to preach salvation through our social class because it allows us to think that human popularity equates to divine approval.  We want to preach a salvation through our bank account because it gives us permission to think that the pursuit of our financial dreams equates to God’s approval of our life.  We want all kinds of other gospels.

How often do we really want the gospel that Paul received from Christ?  Do we want to follow a leader who promotes servant-leadership and self-sacrifice?  Do we want to follow a leader who takes a popular up-and-coming Jewish leader in Paul and turns him into an evangelist who finds an incredible amount of worldly rejection everywhere he goes?

We may not always want to choose it, but there is no other gospel. If we want relationship with God, we do it His way.  We follow a servant leader.  We deny ourselves.  We spend ourselves.  We go through this life seeking His will over our own.