Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Year 8, Day 135: Job 41

Theological Commentary: Click Here

God has one last major criticism for Job. Job can’t explain creation; he wasn’t there.  Job can’t also subdue creation; he isn’t powerful enough.  In that light, Job can’t exactly do a whole lot besides experience creation.  He can’t wrestle Leviathan.  He can’t pull it out of its lair.  He can’t make it sign to him.  He can’t divide it among the merchants.  He can’t do much.

I’m not trying to pick on Job.  If you want to be honest, I can’t do that, either.  I’m no better than Job.  When I try to stand up against the things of this world, I show more about my weaknesses than about my strength.  I show my faults far more than I show my expertise.

This is a great thing to learn about humanity.  We think we are so strong.  Communal, we have done great things.  Look at our cities.  Look at our medicine.  Look at our transportation. Look at our great works of literature and art.  We can be a great people.  However, we aren’t perfect.  One good earthquake and it can take down a city.  Drop in a large enough meteor and you can cause some serious damage.  Put in a drought and life becomes quite inconvenient.  Collectively, we are powerful beings.  But we are not as grand as we think.

That’s God’s point to Job.  We tend to have bigger opinions of ourselves then we truly deserve.  We can do great things.  We can make beautiful objects.  But we’re nowhere near eternal or omnipotent.  We have no right to stand before God and hold Him accountable.  He is our redeemer and He will save.  That is His promise to us.  That doesn’t mean that we will always live a perfect life or an easy life.  Yet, God is always with us.