Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Year 8, Day 129: Job 35

Theological Commentary: Click Here

In this chapter, Elihu condemns another of Job’s approaches.  Elihu condemns Job’s accusations of God refusing to hear him.  I do have to stop and give Elihu some credit here.  I do agree with Elihu in premise.  God does hear us.  God is aware of our turmoil.  God is aware of our persecution.  Who are we to think that God doesn’t hear or care?  As Elihu says, that is human pride at work.

However, Elihu isn’t without his own flaws in his argument.  First of all, Elihu is once again making the argument that God isn’t listening because Job isn’t righteous.  We continue to hear the tried and true humanistic reasoning.  We know the problem.  God isn’t punishing Job; God is teaching about faith.

I will give Elihu a little more credit, though.  One of the arguments that he makes does have a little merit.  I think we could all learn to take his suggestions in Job 35:10-11.  We should remember that God is the ultimate source of truth and teaching.  We could stand to remember a little more often about the how God is the source of wisdom.  Who among us couldn’t stand to remember that God is our maker?