Saturday, May 19, 2018

Year 8, Day 139: Galatians 3

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Galatians 3 is a powerful chapter to read, especially in moments of judgmental thought.  We are heirs to the promise because of faith, not works.  It is not our perfection that appeals to God, but our heart.  It is not the amount of sin in our life that is paramount; it is whether we are after His own heart.  It is not our great sacrifice than God desires, but rather it is a broken and contrite heart.

When I see people capable of being condemned, I need to remember that I cannot know their heart.  I need to remember that God looked past my condemnation to give me grace.  He doesn’t want me to live under the burden of my condemnation.  He does want me to recognize my sin, but He wants me to live under His righteousness and His grace.

There’s a deeper meaning to the consequences of this passage.  So often we like those who are like us.  Perhaps we only love those who act like we do.  But that’s not what God is teaching us through Paul’s words.  We are heirs by our faith, not our works.  Our spiritual family is not the people who look like us or act like us.  Our spiritual family is made up of all the people who have equally flawed lives as us but whose hearts are inclined towards the same God.  Being God’s heir is an internal state, not an eternal state.

Don’t get me wrong.  Faith without works is dead.  We should see evidence of faith around us.  But we will not see perfection.  We shouldn’t even expect it!  What we see will be people trying to put forth the faith within them.  We will see success; we will see failure.  We will be able to celebrate; we will need to forgive.  The neat part of this is that in this understand we see the mind of God.  We imitate Him.