Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Year 8, Day 142: Ephesians 1

Theological Commentary: Click Here

Today we start another equally short book authored by the apostle Paul.  Galatians was a very gritty book, teaching practical theology and making a defense for salvation by grace through Christ alone.  Ephesians is a far loftier book, speaking prolifically about Christ and our gift from God through Him.  Make no mistake, though.  Both books are firmly centered on the significance of Christ.

What has God given to us?  He has given His own Son to us.  Through that gift we gain adoption in His family.  We also gain forgiveness of our sins.  He gives us holiness.  He giver us holiness.  He bestows a new life upon us.

He does more than this, though.  He gives us an inheritance.  He allows us to look ahead in the time to come and anticipate life eternal with Him!  He allows us to be His praise!  He chooses us through whom He works so that people might see Him.  He bestows upon us an incredible future!

He gives still more to us.  How do we know that all of this is true?  We get the Holy Spirit.  God comes and dwells with us.  He seals us.  The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of our salvation.  With the Holy Spirit within us we can know that God’s promise is not only true, but ours.